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10K results
2.1 Mile


October 12th  is our 10K,2Mile  at Greenbelt Lake

        Our 10K is at the usual place, Buddy Attick Park in Greenbelt.   Both races start at noon, get there early to park and register.  Races are free.  We are changing the course due to construction. We are running 3 loops, see the picture below.   The course will be marked so pay attention to markings and be careful on grass around the fields and a very small section of rocks coming back from Crescent road at the top of the map.   Good luck!   For those that had planned on running the 2K we are changing that to a 2.07  Mile.  Just start at the same time as the 10K and go through the finish line after one loop.


2 Mile Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Men Team
    Women Team
    All Teams Age Graded
    Age Group Results
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