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Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Weight Loss Benefits of Ballroom Dancing:
Ballroom dancing is a reasonable way to improve weight and burn calories. In terms of energy expenditure, about 15 minutes of ballroom dancing burns about 50 calories. Over 12 months, this daily ballroom dancing routine uses up a total of 18,250 calories per year: the equivalent of 5.2 pounds of body weight.

Calories burned from ballroom dancing:
Calories burned from ballroom dancing can range from 207 to 378 calories per hour depending on whether you are doing a slow Fox Trot or Rumba or a fast Swing (306 calories/hr) or Disco (394 calories/hr), with a generic average being ~ 300 calories per hour for active dancers.

Ballroom dancing puts the swing in exercise:
Steps like the cha-cha can burn as many calories as a gym workout .

Calories Burned Ballroom Dancing - a weight vs calories burned chart:

Burn, Baby Burn!
Let's face it. Now is the time of year that you want to kick that calorie burn into high gear.

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