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 It is almost time for our 88th 2 mile Intracenter Run!

October 2nd is the 2 Mile Run on center.  
        It's back!   It's a competition for some, a team event for some, a fun run/walk for others.  Keep the tradition going and come out and do this race or volunteer.   The race starts and finishes at Bld 97 (the Health Unit and Fitness Center).   The race starts at noon. 

Register online before race day and other registration info at  http://www.racerpal.com/races/nasairc.html 
  - If you have your bib from the Spring and it is undamaged or bent just wear it to this race, no registration or additional payment necessary.   If you were on a team in the Spring, and reuse your bib, you will be on the same team in the Fall race unless you email tom.winkert@nasa.gov to be on a different team.  You won't show up in the current registration or team list but you will be in the results.
  - Make a team! See rules on gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/clubs/groc and team members must put specify which team they are on when they register.  
  - Please volunteer if you aren't running/walking.  Contact leslie.l.ambrose@nasa.gov
  - Registration form, course map, race results at the top of gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/clubs/groc .       

October 9th  is our 10K,2K  at Greenbelt Lake

        Our 10K and 2K is at the usual place, Buddy Attick Park in Greenbelt.   Both races start at noon, get there early to park and register.  
        Details at gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/clubs/groc - check back race week to see if race location has to change due to construction.


Yes we have had these races for a long time!   Check out these classic pics:

Blast from the Past!









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