Goddard Employee Welfare Association Club Officer Page

GEWA Bylaws, Article III, "Employee Clubs":

Club officers may be selected from among the club membership (civil servants, Goddard retirees, or on-site contract employees as defined by LISTS). At least one of the following officers must be a NASA civil servant (except for Goddard Retirees & Alumni Association): President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer. The remaining officers must be NASA civil servants, Goddard retired civil servants, or on-site employees as defined by LISTS.

The following are the club officers. The date in italics is when we last recieved an update from the club. If any information on this page is incorrect, please contact Jennifer Ash or Mary Collins. Thanks.

Aerobics Fitness Club

Office Name   Code 
President Vacant
Secretary Terri Hynson 472
Last updated May 23, 2019

African Development & Technology Club

Office Name   Code 
President Hasani N. Martin 210
Vice-President VACANT
Secretary VACANT
Treasurer Rodney Green
Last updated October 16, 2018

Amateur Radio Club

Office Name   Code 
President Thomas Capon 544
Vice-President Bob McCown Retired
Secretary Tommy Owens 616
Treasurer Bruce Thoman Retired
Last updated November 1, 2019

Archery Club

Office Name   Code 
President Sherrod Ware 549
Vice-President Michael Kurtz 443
Secretary/Treasurer John Zuby 567
Last updated August 8, 2019

Art of Living Club

Office Name   Code 
President Bill Hayden 592
Co-Vice-President Ashok Desai 544
Co-Vice-President Peter Patel 480
Acting Secretary Bill Hayden 592
Treasurer Ashok Desai 544
Last updated August 8, 2019

NASA Goddard Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (NGAPS)

Office Name   Code 
co-President(Civil Servants) Tonia Venters 661.0
co-President(Contractor) Erin Dawkins 674
co-President(NPPs) Danielle Simkus 691
co-President(NPPs) Der-you Kao 699
co-President(NPPs) Natalie Curran 698
Last updated November 20, 2018

Astronomy Club

Office Name   Code 
President Emily Aldoretta 618
Vice-President Truman Wilson 618
Secretary Allison Evans 596
Treasurer Keith Evans 614
Last updated August 8, 2019

Auto Tech Center

Office Name   Code 
President Ken Blumenstock 544
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary Ken Blumenstock 544
Treasurer Joe Generie 543
Facility Manager/Property Admin Ken Blumenstock 544
Last updated August 8, 2019

Bible Club

Office Name   Code 
President Felipe Romo 423
Vice President Bill Daniels Retired
Secretary Paul Cleveland 443
Treasurer Bill Newell 300
Last updated July 24, 2018

Chinese American Club

Office Name   Code 
President Minlin H Chang 610
Vice President Jeff Bolognese 542
Vice President Duc Dang 720
Treasurer Mei Han 612
Secretary Yaping Zhou 613
publicity Xiaoyi Li 552
Last updated May 20, 2020

Cuong Nhu Karate Club

Office Name   Code 
President Jason Schwartz 405
Vice-President Dylan Baker 583
Secretary/Treasurer Alexander Pavlov 699
Last updated Oct 5, 2018

Dance Club

Office Name   Code 
President John Barker retired
Vice President Martha O'Bryan 561.4
Secretary Rick DeVore 674
Treasurer Bashaer Zaki 450
Last updated Oct 5, 2018

DIY Craft Club

Office Name   Code 
President Jadonna Berger 130
Vice President Nannette Harris 130.0
Secretary Jonetta Johnson 582.0
Craft Chair Vickie Johnson 700.0
Last updated September 26, 2019

Eurogaming Enthusiasts Klub

Office Name   Code 
President Mark Beckman 595
Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Flying Club

Office Name   Code 
President Bruce Milam 470
Last updated July 24, 2018

Garden Club

Office Name   Code 
President Mark Adrian 673
Treasurer Robert Lucchesi 610.1
Membership Mary Wallace 610.2
Last updated July 24, 2018

Goddard Mixed Volleyball League

Office Name   Code 
President Russell Harrison 545
Vice-President Vacant
Secretary Lorinda Yam 416
Treasurer Vacant
Last updated Feb 7, 2019

Islamic Study Group

Office Name   Code 
President Amidu Oloso 610
Vice President Jihad Ashkar 619
Secretary Ayman Abdeldayem 770
Treasurer Salman Sheikh 564
Last updated January 15, 2020

Music & Drama Productions

Office Name Phone  Code 
President Tiffany Hoerbelt 585-737-9610 595
Vice-President Michael Silber 301-286-0999 383
Secretary Suzanne Smith 301-614-5754 673
Treasurer Randy Barth 240-305-2840 610.2
Property Manager Linda Pattison 240-684-0508 470
Last updated Dec 17, 2019

Orbital Club

Office Name   Code 
President Tomas Bunting
Vice President Jackie Calloway
Secretary Ben Surratt Retired
Treasurer Donald Baker
Last updated January 12, 2011

Photo Club

Office Name   Code 
President Kristin Rutkowski 660
Vice President Kimberly Engle 690
Secretary Raghu Tumkur 480
Treasurer Scott Hull 592
Webmaster Karen Smale 606
Last updated December 11, 2019

Retirees & Alumni Association

Office Name   Code 
President Anthony Comberiate Retired
Vice-President Arlin Krueger Retired
Secretary Barbara J. Hamilton Retired
Treasurer Jacqueline Gasch Retired
Member at Large Jan Kalshoven Retired
Last updated August 8, 2019

Running & Orienteering

Office Name   Code 
President Tom Winkert 587
Vice-President Edwin Fung 561
Secretary Joanne Santiago 156
Treasurer Ed Masuoka 619
Last updated August 22, 2018

Sailing Club

Office Name   Code 
President Tom Spitzer 563
Vice-President Robin Clemente 438
Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Sea Venturers (Scuba) Club

Office Name   Code 
President Scott Glubke C102
Vice-President Oren Sheinman 543
Treasurer Scott Glubke C102
Secretary Oren Sheinman 543
Last updated November 1, 2019

Ski Club

Office Name   Code 
President Tom Johnson 556.0
1st Vice-President Thomas Hartmann 553
2nd Vice-President Matthew Ekinci 444
Secretary Elaine Petro 546
Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Slow Pitch Softball Association, Coed League

Office Name   Code 
Last updated April 5, 2018

Slow Pitch Softball Association, Men Leagues

Office Name   Code 
President Jonathan Landis 595
Vice-President Ralph Casasanta 452
Treasurer Walt Moleski 582
Last updated Sept 18, 2018

Soccer League

Office Name   Code 
President Marcello Rodriguez 550
Vice-President Javier Mendez 423
Secretary Roger Foltz 553
Treasurer Khashy Parsay 595
Field Chairman Zoran Kahric 427
Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Sport Fishing Club

Office Name   Code 
President Bobby Patschke 568
Vice-President Vacant
Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Sportsman Club

Office Name   Code 
President Mark Walter 564
Vice-President Bill Hanrahan Retired
Treasurer John Zuby 567
Last updated April 12, 2019

Stamp Club

Office Name   Code 
President Wayne Gordon Retired
Vice-President Eugene Mszar NASA HQ
Secretary John Webster, Jr Retired
Treasurer Dolf Lekebusch Retired
Last updated May 30, 2018

Table Tennis Club

Office Name   Code 
President/Treasurer Roger Foltz 553
Last updated August 22, 2018

Tae Kwon Do Club

Office Name   Code 
President Asher Smith 591
Vice-President Matthew Hinkle 544
Secretary/Treasurer Phillip Adkins 360
Last updated November 1, 2019

Tennis Club

Office Name   Code 
President Maria C. Lecha 568
Vice-President Joe Miko 564
Treasurer Andy Negri retired
Groundskeeper George Kallarakal Retired
Secretary Vacant
Last updated August 8, 2019

Toastmasters Club

Office Name   Code 
President Mike Rilee 610
Vice-President - Education Dylan Baker 583
Vice-President - Membership Gilberto Vicente 586
Secretary Aynur Abdurazik 616
Treasurer Patrick McHale 290
Last updated August 8, 2019

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Office Name   Code 
President Alan Kogut 685
Vice-President Keith Bryant 610.2
Secretary Tom Feild 424
Treasurer Andy Groebner 443
Last updated May 4, 2010

Yoga Club

Office Name   Code 
President Sharon Croft Cooper 540
Vice-President Wendy Lindboe 440
Secretary Matthew Jurotich 443
Last updated Aug 22, 2018


Office Name   Code 
President Kevin Schenk 671
Vice-President Tom Northcutt 610
Secretary Matt Deland 614
Treasurer Scott Glubke 597
Last updated Jan 31, 2020
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