Goddard Yoga Club
  Goddard Yoga Club

Early Fall schedule is: September 11, 18, 25, October 9, 2023.

All classes are 1 hr starting at 5PM in the B28 Atrium.
4 Week Session: $40.00, cash or checks (Payable to Jenny Otto)
Single Class Fee: $15.00
Please bring your own props; mat, 2 blocks, belt, peanut and tennis balls

Classes are on going, so you may join anytime.
4 Week Session: $40.00, cash or checks
Single Class Fee: $15.00
There are no make-up classes. All classes must be used in current session.
Join the yoga club email list: gsfc-yoga

The Goddard Yoga Club sponsors weekly classes in the Anusara Tradition of Hatha Yoga. The basic principles of movement, which it advocates, are compatible with the current developments in physical therapy and rehabilitation. The focus of Anusara Yoga is initially on developing strength, flexibility, endurance and correct body alignment through various postures.

Class Information:

Classes are held on Mondays from 5:00 pm to 6:00pm. Sessions are commonly 4-8 weeks in duration. To register for class, just show up a few minutes early, call the instructor Jenny Otto at 410-224-3278, or contact the club president, Sharon Cooper (see contact info below). For those wishing to visit a single class at a time, single classes are priced at $15.00 per class. No experience is necessary!   Beginners welcome! Please feel free to contact our club officers listed below with any questions.

Jenny Otto, is founder/director of Body Balance Yoga. She is a designated Senior Anusara Teacher Trainer who has trained most Anusara teachers in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington areas. Jenny is well-known as a master teacher and yoga therapist, teaching workshops throughout the country and training instructors nationally and internationally. Her knowledge of anatomy and physical alignment gives her a rare understanding of yoga's effect on the body. Jenny brings warmth, humor and creativity to her teaching as well as detailed expertise in working with injuries and special conditions. Jenny is a certified structural integrator with KMI/Anatomy Trains and Anusara Certified Yoga teacher.

Club Officers
President: Sharon Cooper   Sharon.Cooper@nasa.gov   301-286-9939
Vice President: Wendy Lindboe   wlindboe@hotmail.com
Secretary: Matt Jurotich   mjurotich@verizon.net

When the body is open, the heart is open.

As the sun opens the flowers delicately, unfolding them little by little, so yoga exercises and breathing open the body during a slow careful training.


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