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Executive Council
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Executive Council

Role Name Code
Champion/Executive Sponsor Ray Rubilotta 100  
Operations Manager Robin Mahoney 100.1  
Business Manager Rhonda McGrath 100.1  
President Tom Wolking 159.4  
Treasurer Pam Wooten 151.2  
Legal Advisor Amber Hufft 140.0  
Procurement Advisor/Food Services Agreeement CO Candis Edwards 173.0  
Code 100 Directorate Rep Trusilla Steele 130.0  
Code 110 Directorate Rep (Acting) Erica Miller 110.0  
Code 150 Directorate Rep (Acting) Tom Wolking 159.4  
Code 200 Directorate Rep, Facilities Jeff Steir 221.0  
Code 300 Directorate Rep, Vending and Food Trucks Lisa Cutler 360.0  
Code 400 Directorate Rep Karen Rogers 400.0  
Code 500 Directorate Rep Cris Hogue 540.0  
Code 600 Directorate Rep Diane Elben 600.0  
Code 700 Directorate Rep, GEWA Clubs Mary Collins 702.0  

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Last Updated: 13 May 2024